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    Weighted Hoola Hoop Fitness

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    Weighted Hoola Hoop Fitness

    Revolutionize Your Waistline: Custom Knots Weighted Smart Hula Hoop - The Ultimate Fusion of Fun, Fitness, and Innovation (THIS PRODUCT ONLY SHIPS TO THE UNITED STATES)

    1. Targeted Core Toning: Engage and strengthen your core effortlessly with the weighted hula hoop's rhythmic movements.

    2. Calorie-Burning Cardio: Turn workouts into playtime as the added weight intensifies your calorie burn, helping you achieve fitness goals with joy.

    3. Customizable Weight: Tailor the hoop to your fitness level with adjustable weights for personalized and effective workouts.

    4. Heart Health Boost: Elevate your heart rate, improve circulation, and support cardiovascular health through enjoyable hula hooping sessions.

    5. Enhanced Coordination: Develop better balance and coordination with the rhythmic movements of hula hooping, amplified by Custom Knots.

    6. Convenient Portability: Take your fitness on the go – the Custom Knots Hula Hoop is portable, making it perfect for home, outdoors, or travel.

    7. Stress-Relieving Fun: Turn stress relief into a joyful activity with the endorphin-releasing, mood-boosting benefits of hula hooping.

    8. Full-Body Workout: Beyond core toning, engage multiple muscle groups for a comprehensive and enjoyable full-body workout.

    Ball weight approx. 200g (sand inside,can open the ball to add or reduce weight)

    Packing includes 

    1 Set of 22 Knots Hula Fitness Hoops